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#3 - late night homework was bittersweet

Motto: Hasta La Vista, homework

Apparently my tablet's Blogger app doesn't support colored text. I guess it will be pretty obvious which columns I write on my computer and which I write on some Android device. Speaking of Blogger and mobile devices - blogger natively supports a "built for mobile" version of your blog. Looking at this on my phone is actually very pleasant. I like that.

Another off-topic thing before I get to my main point for this column: I was playing around on Google Earth with my girlfriend last night. She was showing me places in Thailand she went to on her tablet. We were flying through the air looking at the lay of the land, 3-dimensional buildings, and many of the millions of photos available of pretty much every landmark you could think of. In doing this I realized, Google has given every single person with access to it superpowers. It might be a stretch to call them superpowers, but if you were to tell me when I was a kid that I'd be abl…

#2 - Officially Blogger

Motto: These "numbers" have been wrong for about 10 years
So, this is the "new" column.

I use quotation marks because this is the 5th iteration of "the column". This one will hopefully move its way from the 5th longest used version to the first - as I don't anticipate moving it again. Blogger is a Google-backed product. So long as that's true, I figure it's pretty much here to stay. The point of these "Bloggers" is to write "Blogs". Seems logical. That's essentially what this is (except, instead of sticking to a central theme that's relevant to society and somehow helpful, I'll just write about whatever and be wildly unproductive). 

I estimate that I've probably written between 300 and 400 of these things in the past. This exact template has been the used for most of them (save the Tumblrs) so it seems like a winning combination. I'll stick with this.
Quick Evaluation of Blogger: I can Bold Italic & Under…