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#375 - Feature: Philosophies (a.k.a. "what happens when you read too much")

Motto: This Turned Out to be a Monster
I'd like to thank my local library and the various apps (onetwothree) that connect with it for increasing my reading throughput by roughly 95%. Gillespedia has 9 book reports now... sooner or later I'll figure out a way to make them look good. Right now Gillespedia is basically a link to the public-facing portion of my Notion notes.

This Column has been dogging me for weeks. I'm sure it will feel good when it's finished.
Being present.
What do they actually mean? The concept of "mindfulness" has been getting more and more popular. I've seen tons books aimed at mindfulness, telling you it's the solution to all of life's biggest problems - depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction. The use of the term in marketing drove a Buddhist teacher to coin the term "McMindfulness", describing the commercialization of the philosophy. I'm not going to sit here and try to def…