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#314 - 1592653589793238462643383279502884...

A motto: Tomato

It has been a while.

Have you ever been too busy living life to live life? I have been seizing the crap out of the day, every day. Since I last wrote, I've gone golfing, different golfing, bowling, bike riding, watching baseball, building a brick walkway, playing volleyball, playing different volleyball, practicing basketball, playing bocce ball, playing lawn games, playing group videogames, playing pool, playing different pool, going shooting, shooting yourself in the face, and watching both movies and show finales with friends. My patented Aaron projects have all fallen by the wayside. They require time and boredom. I've been blessed enough not to have much of either to spare.

About that "shooting yourself in the face" bit. I had a bad ricochet while shooting some steel. It turned out alright:

And now I get to say for the rest of my life I survived getting shot in the face.

More than all of that - I got to eat delicious delicious Chuy's. They are…

#313 - A Great Time

Motto: Balance in the Force

This post will serve as the "yong" to the previous post's "ying". 

First I'll start by saying I'm back on prescription anti-inflammatories and honestly and truly back to feeling normal. Do you have any idea how good it feels to feel "normal"? It feels damn amazing. I think I'll take the stairs. I think I'll clean the house. I think I'll tackle that project. I think I'm going to go lift weights.

#BACKtoHealth was a last-minute success. My 30 Day Challenge for May will be for me to watch 10 movies from my "Movie Bucket List".
Wednesday was the three year anniversary of the day on which I married Melissa. It was the three year anniversary of the best day of my life. It was the 1096th day in my streak of good days (on the whole). It was the 36th straight month in which I was able to fill out "married" on hospital forms, rather than having to choose the single option and tell the hospital …