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#232 - Mostly Updates to Projects

Motto: Your Projected Projects Project Your Identity

Writing this in a coffee shop. I'm so hipster*.
*according to Jon, who lived in Seattle and thus knows "hipster".
Melissa and I found a new place, as my last post said. We move in 20 days from now... but you wouldn't guess that was the timeframe by looking at our current place. Melissa packed up 50% of our place already. It's impressive.

I wrote this Column mostly just to write down my Top 5.

My Nexus 5 died. The hardware power button was going bad on me starting around a month ago. 3 days ago it stopped working all together. I pulled the phone apart, unscrewed all the screws, unclipped the electrical connections, pulled out the circuit board, cleaned out the electrical component power button, and put everything back together. Then it booted up and ran fine. It was a cool experience. So it's working now*, but I'll still be in the market for a phone again pretty soon.

*except for the wireless charging and NFC,…

#231 - Notes from the Previous Two Weeks

Motto: Bill Plates - President of Macrohard

My 30 Day Challenge for this month was to remove television and videogames from my life for 6 out of the 7 days of the week. As it turns out, I write most of these posts while watching television. I never really realized that until now. Take out time spent watching The Office and you take out the number of posts I'm likely to turn out during any given period of time. That's okay, though - I've got tons to talk about. The past two weeks were very, very full. I'm going to approach this in sections.
The part you can all skip!
I made this short video of Battlefield "highlights" from January - again, this is me playing, so there's nothing all that great in here.

Upcoming Media Releases for Which I am Excited:
March 17 - Modest Mouse's album "Strangers to Ourselves"

April 10th - Marvel's Netflix series "Daredevil"

May 1st - Marvel's "The Avengers: Age of Ultron"

July 17th - Marvel'…

#230 - Failio & The Perfect Bag

Motto: Get Over It, Dude

January 2014 Melissa and I did the Paleo + CrossFit 30 Day Challenge, which was a resounding success all around. January, 2015 we were going to do the same challenge, but really only the Paleo part because we already have a gym we like.

We kind of forgot about the whole thing... pretty much immediately.

January 2015 will now forever be known as the month of "The Faileo Diet". Luckily, failure is an option with these things. It was never a solid commitment. We didn't talk about it enough going in. This month will be better.

February 2015: No TV*, no videogames*

*Except for Fridays, which we will utilize as cheat days. This way we can still keep up on our currently running shows and maybe I won't lose anything I have going for me in Battlefield.

So, that's the deal.

Now, for my second and last topic, I'm going to revisit something I've written aboutagain, and again, and again.

Friday when I was leaving work, I don't remember exactly wh…