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#374 - Feature: Google Lament

Motto: Okay Google... what's your goal here?
IntroThis post is going to be an expansion on something I wrote about in Column #354. It will (hopefully) complete the series of posts I've written lately about productivity software, Google, Getting Things Done, and all that. Specifically today I'm writing about Google products, and my growing disillusionment with them. This post will be thorough, longer than most, and generally more well put together.
Setting the Googley StageI'll caveat this up front by saying they are great on the whole, most of my quibbles are just that, quibbles, and that I have them because I'm a power user. I am in deep with Google.
Google Products I Still UseGoogle SearchGmailYouTubeChromeChromeOSChromecastChrome Remote DesktopGoogle AssistantGoogle HomeGoogle PhotosGoogle MapsGoogle DriveGoogle OneGoogle NewsGoogle SheetsGoogle DocsGoogle SlidesGoogle DrawingsGoogle FormsGoogle KeepGoogle CalendarGoogle VoiceGoogle BookmarksGoogle FitGoogle Earth…