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#102 - List of Words

Motto: You with Your Long Words and Your Short Difficult Words
The following is a list of words I like, but don't hear much (and my loose definition of said word, verified by an actual virtual dictionary):
Forum - noun - a meeting views on a particular issue can be exchanged
People often times meet with a specific agenda in mind, and yet I never hear them refer to the meeting as a forum.

Gait - noun - manner of walking This does not mean "swagger". I hate the word "swagger".
Accost - verb - aggressively address
Mugging without the thievery.

Dote - verb - show unnecessarily excessive fondness 
I think "dote" sounds old-fashioned to me because it's usually followed by the word "upon".

Trebuchet - noun - a old throwing machine
Although "trebuchet" is a noun, I like to use it as a verb to refer to specifically to how I throw things.

Goliath - noun - very large person or thing
I actually love all the words for "large" that rarely get u…

#101 - Tackling the Backlog

Motto: Catch up and mustard
I am alone. My best friend is back home with her family, about to go on vacation. My other friends are busy - at least they are right now. This means that I have some time to dive into the immense backlog of topics I've put en queue to write about on this Blog. Each new topic will be introduced in BOLD, CAPITOL text.
I saw MAN OF STEEL. These LINES stuck out to me:
"I grew up in Kansas, general. I'm about as American as it gets".  I recognize how much this line must make people from the coasts scoff, but I feel and have always felt that Kansas does represent good, old-fashioned America (for better or worse). Maybe Google feels that way, too, considering they saw Kansas City as the prototypical American city for their initial Fiber rollout.
"He's coming in through the RSS feeds!" This has got to be one of the most hilarious technologically incorrect lines I've ever EVER heard in a movie. I laughed audibly in the theater during a…

#100 - One Hundred

Motto: Things are Crazy, and Crazy is Good

It's been a long time since I've had a legitimate column update. There's a good reason for that - everything has changed.
Melissa's back.
My room is all different.
My free time is spent in a new, different, much less lonesome manner.

Work started taking more of my time, resources, and mental faculties.

Wedding plans are in the early stages.

Workouts have been two-tiered & double-sided.

My diet has changed.

I have to deal with a cat more often than I would like.

I've spent time with family; not so much my now family, but more of my soon family.

Many projects have been temporarily shelved.

Big plans are being formulated.

The amount of live music I listen to skyrocketed.


One of my best friends tied the knot.

I saw a group of some of my favorite people on the planet.

This is the 100th Column (on Blogger, at least).

There are still tons of things I want to write about.

I made this video.

Top 5: Photos from the Past 2 Weeks Without Con…

#99 - Feature on Tools

Motto: A Tool is Only as Useful as Its Operator's Ability to Use It

This column was co-written with the intelligence column I just posted. The two go hand-in-hand and very well could have been combined. The first paragraph from my post on intelligence may have sounded impressive to some. Just for reference: Today's post is an article on acumen and aptitude. A blurb on brains and brilliance. A commentary on capacity and comprehension. A discourse on discernment and deciphering. An item on intelligence and intellect. A piece on perception and precocity. A story on smarts and savvy. A write-up on wit and wisdom.Impressive? What if I showed you this and this? Just because I used internet resources to help me build out that paragraph, does that take away from it? Did I not still write it? I think a huge portion of being smart is just knowing what tools are available and how to use them. I think a huge part of being successful is just doing so. Being an engineer and coming from th…