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#32 - Work in the Morning

Motto: The next step. (watch yourselves, he's all deep and stuff)

I can now say something that I've been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading for the past four months and one week: 

I have work in the morning. 

After I write this column, my next order of business is sleep. 
My next order of business is an early morning workout. 
My next order of business is my first day of my first real job. 

I am on salary, so I guess I technically start making money in about a half hour as of the posting of this column. That's kind of cool. I'll make money while I sleep tonight. That's what I'm going to tell everyone when they ask what I do for a living. "Me? Oh, I'm salaried. I get paid to live." THEN I'll brag about my job.

Sounds like a good plan. No?

My nephew is cute. Videographic evidence:

I honestly should go to bed.

Here's the picture for this post:

Top 5: Upsides to Working
5. A more structured life
4. An excuse if I ever feel like getting out of s…

#31 - Kansas City

Motto: Movin on up.

Since the last update I moved to Kansas City. Since I moved to Kansas City I've spent an inordinate amount of money on rent and furnishings and other general life stuff that I've never had to worry about until I (finally) got my own place. Example: Silverware drawer organizer. Anyways, I'm sitting here on my new chaise sofa, drinking from my old water bottle, writing a new column on my old laptop, watching a new movie on my old TV.

I like living here. I like living on my own. I have learned a lot already. It's going to be awesome.

I start my job Monday. So, I'm a bit nervous for that. Money, however, I'm not nervous about. I was literally down to zero money to my name, so I'm excited to get that situation fixed.

Rather than droning on forever like normal, I'm going to end it here with a picture of this cute kid I happen to be the uncle of:

Top 5: Perks of having your own place
5. I can keep it as clean or dirty as I want (it's very cl…

#30 - Pre/Post-iPhone 5 and additional reflections

Motto: The Column: Delayed.
This column has been half written for several hoursdays. I've been experimenting with various methods to make music using only my computer and zero dollars. So far, I've created nothing worthwhile. Check back in several hours when I am done and have still created nothing worthwhile something hilariously terrible!

I just recently realized how easily it is to manage your installed applications on Google's web-based Play Store. There are two tabs under "My Android Apps", one with a picture of my phone, the other a picture of my tablet. These tabs show what is currently on each device, what has been on each device, and allows you to add or remove whatever apps you want without even touching either. I might do this more.

I will forever add two extra steps to any plan I do thanks to an episode of South Park I saw a long time ago. Warning: That link takes you to, be prepared to waste several hours upon entering.

----- the column up t…

#29 - The Wait (Irishfest, Tech Factionism)

Motto: Aaron Go Brag (somewhere else)

The motto is my Anglicised form of Erin Go Bragh. Which apparently truly Irish people don't say, or at least don't spell like that anyways.

Here's the way the rest of this column is going to go down: I'm going to briefly recap my recent trip to KC Irishfest, move on into the greater sense of Irishness and take a brief look into my roots, then "the wait", and end off with a random Top 5 about tech factionism, which is a word I made up for this post.

Melissa and I went to the tenth annual Irishfest in Kansas City this weekend. It was our second time attending the festival, the first time where we went there on purpose. During our 7 hours there we saw, amongst other things, Irish bands, dancers, comedians, and a 7 foot tall guy that I walked by in shame. On our way to buy tickets to get in, an old man handed us two tickets for free. My streak of good luck continues.

An interesting note, Melissa and I accidentally recreated a ph…