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#274 - Vacation: Full Stop.

Motto: Hi guys!

I had a week vacation. Although I went into the week with some loosely-defined goals & objectives, when it came time to put the wheels on the pavement my body, brain, and soul told me no. Full stop.

I stopped writing. I stopped tracking life metrics. I stopped basically everything (other than filming a second-a-day, but that hardly counts). I played videogames, watched TV, and even read some. I worked out at a retail gym with a buddy. I helped Melissa with schoolwork from time to time. Mostly though, I just took it easy. That's what I realized I needed. I'm glad I did what I did with that time. 

Things are going to be different now that my vacation is over. I'm going to have a lot less time to do the things I do... and I do a lot of "me" things (see the Top 5). I think that I probably won't be able to sustain all of those activities going into the future. I don't know which of them I'll end up nixing, but I'm about 90% confident t…

#273 - 30 Day Challenges are Challenging

Motto: I have half an hour to write this

It's the beginning of the month. That means I'm transitioning between two 30 Day Challenges. Here's where I reflect on my previous month and set a new goal:

Last month's challenge - Sweat 5 Days a Week
Results - Glorious failure... sweat barely over 3 days/week in reality
Reflection - Disappointment with self

This month's goal: No screens after 10PM

I am going to do this. I have only really had 2 "good" months out of the first 10 months of 2015 in terms of successful challenge completion. That's terrible. Here's to turning it around.

Having said that, this month's challenge might be particularly challenging because I GOT THE NEXUS 6P TODAY! It's gorgeous. It's wonderful. My Nexus 5 went from "meh" to "AGGGH GET IT AWAY FROM ME IT'S HIDEOUS" in 5 seconds. The screen quality alone is reason enough to switch. See the Top 5 for more.

Here are some relevant pictures:

The Royals wo…