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#328 - Feature: The MCU, Revisited

Motto: What a Marvelous Continuation Preface:Nearly 4 years ago, I wrote this long post about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as it existed then). In that post, I made several predictions, which may or may not have come true, and several statements, which now I may or may not disagree with. Since then, a lot has happened. The MCU has expanded.  Another guy named Aaron and I made a Spreadsheet. I made a video you'll see later. Everyone has become familiar with the shared-universe concept.
Thor: Ragnarok just came out. Last time I wrote this it was after the release of the previous Thor movie. It seems like a good time to go back to the well. This is my update to that post. A Brief History of the Marvel Cinematic Universe:The MCU is a series of movies, shows, web series, and comic books produced by Marvel Studios that exist in the same shared universe, each telling their own story while contributing to a greater, overarching narrative. Specifically, this:

...and this...

Those are all the …