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#309 - Intent: Android

Motto: Sentences that Begin and End with the Same Word are My Favorite Sentences.
Before this 30 Day Challenge I wouldn't really have understood the title I used for this Column.
Writing an Android App. That's the goal for March. Technically I accomplished that within the first day, within the first hour. Although "Hello World!" isn't much of an app. I've been working through Udacity's Android Basics nanodegree. Well, the coursework that one would do to earn said nanodegree. I'm more interested in the knowledge than the resume boost. 
Anyway it's been really good! It's aimed at people who have never coded before - so parts of it are definitely too easy... but that means I'm not getting left behind, like I did last time when I tried going straight into the Android Developer nanodegree. I'm now starting to get comfortable playing around in the IDE, making my phone do stuff I want it to do. It's my goal to write an app that's actuall…