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#330 - Christmas 2017, Resolutions for 2018

Motto: 2017 is 99% complete & I'm 100% ready for 2018 to start.

Christmas has come and gone. Gifts were given. I gave Melissa a back & neck massage thing from Costco that we nicknamed Jerry. I do recommend getting yourself a Jerry. It was a hit. Melissa got me ARMS for the Nintendo Switch, which is surprisingly fun!

Melissa and I are the best gift-givers. 

Also the best gift-receivers. Go ahead and test us. Buy us stuff!

Anyway - my dad continued his new tradition of having the kids do a scavenger hunt to find their presents. The grandkids had to follow a trail of drawings on sticky notes. Each one stuck to the thing that the previous one was a drawing of. 

The big kids had to solve a Breakout-Room-like set of puzzles to tell them where their next clues were. We got through all the hard stuff in relatively short order, then got stuck looking for something bigger than a baseball, but smaller than a football, within 6 feet of the base of the Christmas tree. Turned out it was thro…

#329 - Avengers: Infinity War Trailer & The End of the MCU


First, a quick aside about some English stuff.

Active voice: Thing A performs this action to Thing B. Active voice is frowned upon.
Passive voice: Thing B has this action performed on it. I use passive voice too much.

A quick aside from a quick aside before I start talking Marvel stuff - what you just witnessed is a brand of Aaron humor that I dub "only funny to me & would make people who don't know better assume that I am stupid". This specific example was me saying "Active voice is frowned upon" using passive voice. Then me saying "I use passive voice too much" using active voice. It's funny to me because, if somebody did that on accident - it would make me laugh. So I do it on purpose but don't (normally) call attention to the fact that I did it, but have some dumb goofy grin on my face like I'm some sort of comedy genius... and people don't understand what's…