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#59 - Blog Update about a Blog Update

Motto: The times, they are (not) a changin'

It's already a half hour past when I told myself I'd be going to sleep. I am not tired. That could be because I've been running ragged all day and I'm having a hard time turning my brain of hyperdrive, or it could be because I didn't eat proper dinner until 10pm. It's probably both.

I worked out this morning. Looked at myself in the mirror after I got done. I almost saw a muscle, I swear.

I have taken the past half hour to go through my last 20ish posts and give them proper labels. Labels function like tags. If I think a column is particularly picture-heavy, I can put the "PICTURES" label on it. At that point, it will show up alongside all the other picture-heavy columns. This will be potentially useful for later on. The labels I have designated for use (these could change, but probably won't much) are as follows:

THOUGHTS - for things that I just thought, that aren't really grounded in any sort of r…

#58 - New Broken Computer & Some Pictures

Motto: One man’s trash is another man’s trash
I just got my new computer. It is a refurbished ASUS that I got a great deal on. It is sleek looking. It is light. It is also completely and totally useless. The thing started up for the first time alright. I installed Chrome on it. I uninstalled useless frivolities like "ASUS WebStorage". After finishing that, I right clicked on the desktop to change the background and the computer BLUE SCREENED. This brand new computer with a fresh operating system threw up all over me. I thought, "no, there's no way". I restarted the computer - only to find that the HDD is no longer being recognized. It, by the way, is where the operating system is located. So, again, my new computer is nothing other than an expensive paperweight.

ASUS is having me send it in to them (on my dime) to fix the problem. I am irate that I had this problem to begin with. When you "refurbish" something, it shouldn't die permanently within a …

#57 - Too Long Makes for Too Long

Motto: Better late than never!

     I have sat down to write this column on no fewer than four occasions now. This is my fourth and final attempt to write something before I give up and throw my computer out a window. My first and third attempts were cut short by a BSoD (that’s Blue Screen of Death, for those of you who aren’t up on your nerd-cronyms). Luckily, blogger does SAVE automatically (thank you, Google); but, by the time I sat down to write again, what I had written the time before was no longer valid. Example: “I’m in Oklahoma” “Melissa is going to be leaving” “I’m in St. Louis”. All of those things are no longer true. My second attempt to write this entry was cut short by a complete and utter lack of focus.
     I’m focused now. So I apologize to my many many avid fans that I didn’t update for so long. I had a very abnormal schedule for a while there. Things are back to normal now, though; and I have a lot to write about. No more will I have these super dooper long posts with…

#56 - A Three-Post Post

Motto One: Three column's in one.
Motto Two: Not too long, though.

Motto Three: I promise.

A lot has gone on since my last update. Realistically, I should could have updated the column three times since then...but I haven't. However, in my "To Do" application, underneath the "The Column" category, I have 3 Quotes and 3 Top 5's. Rather than push them back, I think I'll just to a quick "feature dump" by treating this update like three different columns.

Column One: Pre-2013

The week or two before new years was filled with me seeing people. If you check out my second-a-day video (more on that later) you'll see it's basically just a catalog of who I saw and what we did on any given day. This is great, though. That's what the holidays are for.

Column Two: 2013!

It's 2013! For some reason, that doesn't seem like the future to me. 2012 always seemed like the future in 2011. Even during 2012 I constantly thought "it's 2012.…