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#331 - No Zero Days, Escape Rooms, Podcast Count

Motto: Adept at being Inept

This isn't going to be fun to read, but It was fun to write. 

I'm not writing about any of the things that have happened lately that would be considered "interesting". You can stop here. No really, it's okay. I'll even do the picture to go out on!

Not bad Google.

You should stop.

Alright, your loss.

2018 has coincided with my best New Year's Resolution yet: No Zero Days.

Meaning - I will work, at least a little bit, every single day, toward one of the following:
Home improvement (not just maintenance)Getting a Master's and/or PE and/or PMP certificationCreating an Android AppPhysical fitnessThe other thing+whatever else I deem appropriate for my long-term developmentOver the holiday, I had a new experience - I failed to escape an escape room. I'm shooting 7 for 8 now. I got to see a new take on the escape room concept. I got to see what a bad room is like. A BAD room...

1. Has too many red herrings - especially if the right pat…