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#292 - On the Code Again... Just Can't Wait to be on the Code Again

Motto: Coding with a mug full of Java... C what I did there?

Full disclosure - I'm multitasking.

Yesterday evening I picked back up where I left off 8 months ago. My goals have changed since that time, though. I am not currently operating under the assumption that I will finish all these classes as sort of a preparation for graduate schooling in computer science - but instead I will take these classes because I enjoy doing so. Also, I would like to be able to write The Life Tracker a.k.a. Captain's Log a.k.a. NamePendingThingIDo a.k.a. QUANTIFY YOSELF FOOL as an Android(/possibly iOS?) application.

I don't ever close down dreams. I adjust them to fit my life circumstances.

Anyway, I'm multitasking because I just started with the most basic-fundamental "How to Code for Android" course available. It's targeted at way below my level (#smug), but I want to start as slowly and easily as possible so as not to out-kick my coverage (something that happened last time …

#291 - Crackers Update, Clarity, ChromeOS & Android, and Unsexy Solutions

Motto: Pajamas are the coolest thing according to cats, meanwhile the knee is the object bees find the most hip.


Right out the gate - my cousins were in town & here's this awesome continuation our traditional "Crackers" photo:

If anyone knows of a hardware store with a sign denoting where they sell their studs, please let us know.

Lately I've been changed my attitude about several things. I'm not sure what's driven it, but I have fallen into a zen mode. I want fewer distractions. I want to do life things. Let's buy a house. Let's have a kid (JK NOT YET I'M SO YOUNG). For real, though, I feel like I'm in a period of great mental clarity. I don't know what's brought it on, but I hope it stays for a while. I have uninstalled Fallout 4. I'm not watching a TV show while I'm writing this. I'm not wanting to do 8 things at once. I want to do one thing that I'm 8 times more passionate about. Here's a depiction of the t…

#290 - Post Vacation Life

Motto: Meet Dr. Tryhard

Melissa and I took a long vacation. For photos, see Facebook. If you don't know me well enough to see my Facebook, that's too bad. I'll include at least one photo on this Column, because that's what I do.

Google I/O happened while we were on vacation. Typically I watch it then gush on this blog about all the cool stuff. I didn't see it this year, though. I have very little to gush about. It's not so much that it's disappointing, it's more just that we've reached peak smartphone. These things we carry around with us reached the point of diminishing returns years ago. That's not meant to be depressing, it's just me saying that our smartphones have already reached their noob gainz. 

There was one thing that I got pretty excited about: Google Home. Ever since the Amazon Echo came out, every podcast I listen to has gushed about it. They spoke highly of what it is and what it does that I looked at them pretty heavily. I ultima…