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#225 - The Hobbit: The Column of The Review of The Movie

Motto: Part 3/3 was a 3/10 in my book.

The following is a rant about "Part" movies, and a ranting review of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies". It will contain spoilers for that movie. I hate "part" movies. They are money grabs that rob the movie-goer of their cash and the chance to experience a story as it was meant to be told. Here's a little background to preface this review: 1. I'm only a casual fan of the whole "J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth" franchise. I've seen all the movies, but read none of the books. My wife is much more dedicated and her opinion deserves to be listened to more than my own... but I'm only going to write about mine. 2. I have not done any research beyond watching the films - this includes reading about the lingering questions I have about the film and/or reading previews, reviews, or otherwise anyone else's opinions on it.
First off, having the word "The" three times in your …

#224 - Disney, Android Wear, and LoTR/MCU Actors

Motto: Two Kinds of Nerdy Will Battle in This Post
I realized the other day that the Disney company is killing it in terms of content - especially content in which I am personally interested. Disney owns:
ESPNMarvelPixarLucasfilmsABCThe Muppetsand let's not forget their own movie production studio, which has been turning out classic movies like crazy for the past 60+ years
So basically, all of the MCU, Star Wars, all the kids movies that adults also like, all the shows on TV I actually watch, Kermit the Frog, and pretty much all of sports.
Disney is amazing. I never really realized it.
Thus ends my short little spiel about my new-found appreciation for Disney as a company.
first segway.

I've had my Moto 360 for 3 months now. I think that's a long enough time to do a revisit review of Moto 360 and Android Wear. Here's my one-word review:

It's alright. It's not great. It's not bad. It's just alright.

The Good:

It looks fantastic. It's not "to…

#223 - This is Going to Be Difficult to Read


#222 - Two Two Two

Motto: Optimis Divisible Only by Himself and One
The thirty day challenge I embarked upon for the month of November was simple - live on a budget. I wanted to see if some pre-determeined amount of money was enough to sustain a comfortable life for Melissa and I. We completed that challenge successfully. That, however, was largely because I put off making any larger purchases until THIS month... which hardly seems like it should count. So, "success" I guess? Maybe, more aptly put as "Success*". Because this is really the only venue I keep track of these things, I'm going to do a hyperbrief rundown of each month's challenge & its outcome: January - Paleo & Crossfit - Success February - Read 5 Books - Failure March - Write Every Day - Success April - Run 50 Miles - Failure May - Enjoy Yourself - Success June - A GoPro a Day - Successful July - Adopt Linux, Duolingo - Huge success, partial success August - No Reddit, Buy a Car, Other Stuff - Success, f…

#221 - According to the Rules

Motto: #hashtag

I write these posts according to my own (previously) unwritten rulebook. Today I am going to define those rules in the Top 5. I bring the rules up because I just wrote the majority of a post that broke several of them. What you see below is what remains of that post (seriously, between here and the Top 5 is what remains after I hit "backspace" a whole bunch).

In the past 20 days, I've written only 2 Columns. That's below par, but not in a good way. I'm not going to apologize for not writing more. I just wanted to say that it's ridiculously clear to me now that how things are going at work & in my personal life directly affect the Column.

I've had a difficult few weeks. I haven't had the "me" time that I need to write these things. It's late and I should be in bed.

Top 5: Previously Unwritten Rules of The Column 5. Be entertaining. If it's not worth reading it's not worth posting. Note this doesn't mean "b…