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#361 - In which Aaron Complains about Routine


You ever fall out of your groove? It's funny how doing one little thing can start a domino effect. 

I didn't feel like cooking, so we ate out for dinner.
Because we ate out, I don't have leftovers.
Because I don't have leftovers, I have to buy my lunch.
Because I have to buy my lunch, I don't get home as early as I would like to.
Because I don't get home as early as I would like to, I don't have time to make dinner.
Because I didn't make dinner, I don't have leftovers...

...or another real-world loop...

Because I haven't worked out, I've gotten lethargic.
Because I've gotten lethargic, I haven't wanted to clean.
Because I haven't wanted to clean, the place is dirty.
Because the place is dirty, I misplaced my keys.
Because I misplaced my keys, I waste 20 minutes looking for them.
Because I wasted 20 minutes, I leave during the morning rush.
Because I leave during the morning rush, my commute takes an extra 10 minu…

#360 - Tech Ecosystem Mixing & "Okay Google"

Motto: Oh Boo-Hoo

I've been first-world struggling lately.

Five and one-third years ago I wrote a Column about technological ecosystems. This is that table, updated for today: