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#370 - Feature: Aaron Information Management (AIM)

Motto: A Place for Every Datum, and Every Datum in its Place

Last Column I briefly mentioned a blog I found called "Minding the Borderlands". That site, in addition to its value as a primary resource, was a valuable kicking off point for expanded research into some topics I'm going to write about today. I read the book "Getting Things Done". I read about a notetaking system called the "slip-box method", or "Zettelkasten" (it's German). I'm thinking about lot the information that we come across in life, how I've been managing it, and how I may want to tweak or further define those practices. Some of those tweaks may have implications to this blog.

For example, I've been tagging these posts all wrong. My entire approach to tagging was backwards. Tagging and sorting are not the same thing. I read a wonderful article about why tagging against a topic is ultimately much less useful than tagging against and object. The Labels (Blogge…

#369 - Marvel + Tech + Whole30 Data = Standard Column Content

Motto: Slow pitch straight down the center of the plate Marvel I'm not in the business of writing movie reviews on the Column since I started a podcast that covers that topic pretty thoroughly.
That said.
Avengers: Endgame is out. I watched it opening night, then again opening morning. It quashed my long held secret belief that I would die by some tragic means before I got to see how the story ended. That superstition hit me pretty much immediately after learning about Marvel's long-term movie plans.

That was seven years ago. Feels like yesterday. That’s the way memory works, though. You remember things that affected you, while smaller things fall by the wayside. I remember opening night of the Avengers. I remember opening night of just about every one of the 22 Marvel movies that have come out. I’ll remember Avengers: Endgame until the day I die. Even if that death isn’t untimely and tragic. 

Am I wrong to think that the accomplishments of Kevin Feige and Marvel are every bit as i…