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#293 - One Big Chicken

Motto: Is the "Of Pisa" really necessary?

Stuff's happening. I'm very likely buying a house. Melissa and I will quickly become homeowners. LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM. I'm going to celebrate by hanging an American flag outside the place. Also, the Captain America shield in the garage. Anyway, I've been thinking about it basically nonstop. We'll know for sure if we own the house if/when all the stuff between now and closing happens successfully. We're optimistic.

In other news - for obvious reasons I've been thinking about "settling in for the long-haul". I'd like to make sure that I (continue to) do things right with this. To that end, I am going to start a "lunch" project, where I consider the cost, time, and nutritional return for my lunches Monday through Friday. You can go out for lunch, get lunch from the cafeteria, or bring it in. You can go out to place A or place B. Bring in food 1 or food 2. What are these combinations…