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I'm an adult, dude.

I'm sitting at the table in my kitchen, the one that used to be my only table. I own a table. I own a kitchen. My number of refrigerators went from zero to two in a single day. I own a lawn mower. I paid money to buy a thing whose soul purpose is to perform a task I used to despise doing (and, in all likelihood, will continue to despise). I have a second table right over there. There's four chairs at it, that I also own. I bought all these things because I need to use them from time to time. 

More than just possessions, though - I'm an adult because I have opinions about insurance companies & taxes. I have a wife an a retirement account. I'm closer to 30 than 20, closer to 50 than 5. I'm an adult because "he's too young to have known any better" is not a viable excuse for anything anymore. "I value my time" has replaced "I don't wanna" as an excuse for not doi…

#294 - My 27th Year

Motto: Jason Unbourne

I haven't written in a while because I haven't had internet in a while. Melissa and I are moving to a full-blown house in less than a week*. Rather than pay for a half-month of internet, I elected to go ahead and cancel our home service. MELISSA and (sorta) I have been packing up our entire place, so the free time has been reduced somewhat. Packing and consolidating and repacking and reconsolidating. Plus working, maintaining a decent-ish workout routine, a social life, and a happy/healthy relationship... the Column has taken a backseat.

*assuming all goes as planned.

Pokemon Go exploded. It's huge in a way I would not have believed one month ago. I've got mixed feeling about it and its popularity - but that hasn't stopped us from "Pokemoning" for hours on end many times over the past two weeks. I'm level 18 as of this writing. I hope to be level 19 by the time I finish this post (assuming any pokemon show up at all at Whole Foods).…