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#252 - Short One with a Video and Some Other Stuff

Motto: Healthy Living, No Gimmicks

GoPro makes one heck of a promotional video. Their newest "GoPro HERO4 Session" camera is tiny, but ultimately not compelling given the sacrifices it comes with. I'd say that's a shame, but thankfully I'm glad I don't want one.

I like what I've been able to do with mine. There's no wrong way to use a GoPro:

That was Tony, my dad, and I. We were shootsin'. Killing time, mostly, until I a new niece!

This Saturday (August 1st) is my 27th birthday. I've come to accept that I'm old. SO OLD.

I'm still doing 30 Day Challenges. July was to "Rewrite the Life Tracker". It was a complete success. I'm writing about August's challenge now because I don't want to muddy up my next update with 30 Day Challenge stuff. My next post will include my 3rd Second-A-Day video - "My 26th Year".

August will be a busy month. Each day I will:
Run a mile100 pushups15 pullupsDrink only water & coff…

#251 - 10 Things You Won't Believe I Accomplished While Melissa was Out!:

Motto: "Motion Pictures" Don't Promise You Audio

Melissa was in Rhode Island last week. Last time she was gone I wrote about how disappointed I was with my use of time. This time, I'm happy to report I did better. Get ready, I'm about to give you a listicle.

10 Things You Won't Believe I Accomplished While Melissa was Out!:

I didn't shave. My facial hair was long before Melissa left, I decide to just let it keep going. It went pretty much as expected:

I watched Ant Man. Really, really liked it.

I worked out.

I rewatched BoJack Horseman, season 1.

I got my 3rd Second-a-Day video caught up. I've only got 2 weeks left! 

I rewatched Daredevil. Yes that's two whole seasons of shows in 2 weeks, but I was multitasking.

I hung out with the cats.

I went and saw my sisters & nephews:

I missed Melissa - and dealt with being alone in very healthy ways!

And, yes, worked on the Life Tracker. I've resolved to stop talking about it so much. So I'll compartmentali…

#250 - Life Tracker Refactor

Motto: Diagnostics, on a Personal Level
Because I anticipate this is a boring subject for many/most of you - I've included a TL;DR just above the Top 5 to which you can skip.

In Column #242 I wrote about the Life Tracker pretty extensively. While Melissa was out of town last week at Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival I did something I wasn't able to do when she went to Los Angeles: Utilize my time productively.

The Life Tracker has been revision bumped from 2.0 to 3.0. It was a complete, bottom-up rewrite of what I spent weeks coding a couple years back; and I accomplished it in less than two days. In Column #242 I outlined some goals. Here's a report card for how I did:

Goal: Less Reliance on Google
The Life Tracker 3.0 is still hosted on Google Scripts & Google Spreadsheets. It utilizes a Google Form for input. Given all these facts, though, I was still surprisingly successful. My old code read like "take this thing from this exact spot on the form and and put it on thi…

#249 - Feature: Flightplan is the Worst Movie Ever

Motto: careful with these links, they go to - which you'll never leave

I have seen some pretty good movies lately (see the Top 5 for more on that), but today's post is wholly dedicated to a rant about one, truly bad movie. I'm using some resources to help here. and the top review on IMDB are the two main ones.

The worst movie I have ever seen is the 2005 Jodie Foster thriller Flightplan. 

If you haven't seen it & don't care to hear my opinion or have seen it & liked it, this post isn't for you. If you saw it & hated it or you haven't seen it, but are curious how I could hate a movie enough to write this much about it, read on.

There will be spoilers... but I'm not spoiling anything good, so I don't think it counts. 

Rather than me explaning the premise, you should just watch this minute-and-a-half trailer:

Okay, so what have we got? An intelligently written thriller, right?


The main reason I hate Flightplan beyon…

#248 - Column Without Typing Anything Fancy

Motto: This Post Brought to You by ABCDFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Last night I told a group of pals I was with that I was going to try to craft this Column with a twist. I will clarify what I'm doing as I wrap this post up, but if you don't know what I'm doing, try to work it out - bonus points if you got it by this paragraph!

Truly, this isn't all that difficult.

My Mrs. is starting grad school in August. Until that point, Mrs. G is working a nifty job. It affords Mr. G (Aaron, "this guy") a lot of "guy" hours, with which I can do anything I want. Days 1 through 6, I didn't do a good job with (tons of TV and similar stuff), but on all coming occasions I am going to do accomplish lots. Goals! Know yours!

Okay, this is a bit hard.

Pixar's 15th film (which I saw ~10 days ago) will win awards.... as it should. It's brilliant. It's funny. It's moving.  It got a bit of action going in my nasolacrimal ducts on two occasions... about an imaginary…