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#284 - General Life Update

Motto: lightly flavored carbonated water ≠ soda


I don't write as much any more. That's just the way things are, and the way they will likely continue to be. It's my official/unofficial policy not to talk about wishing I wrote more. I don't wish that. I write exactly as much as I wish I wrote. See the Top 5 for reasons Columns have dropped down to once every few weeks.

Side benefit of less frequent posts: my quotes are of a higher quality.

Have you heard of the Amazon Echo? It's a discrete little cylinder, slightly bigger than an energy drink can, but smaller than a two liter bottle. It's a consumer electronic device without a screen. How novel! People who have them love them, apparently. The various tech-related podcasts I listen to talk about it every week. I met a dude who owned one. He reflected the common sentiment. Why isn't there an Apple version? Why isn't there a Google cylinder?

I'm watching KU's Sweet 16 game. We are about to win o…

#283 - MCU Disappointment & an Appreciation for History


The majority of this Column is going to consist of me doing something I rarely do - criticizing a portion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The following will contain spoilers for the season (/likely series)finale of Marvel's Agent Carter. If you don't want to be spoiled, skip down until after the picture of Agent Carter.

I love Agent Carter as a character. I really enjoy Hayley Atwell's performance in the role. I love Jarvis and, in particular, the acting job of James D'Arcy who plays him. I like the period. I like that the protagonist is female (as are many of the antagonists). I really like the idea that Marvel would tell the tell of Agent Carter and Howard Stark in their formulation of S.H.I.E.L.D.

There's just one problem with that last bit, though. It doesn't.

When I first heard about Agent Carter, I got super excited by the premise of the show. There is a great Marvel One-Shot about Agent Carter that tells a story about her being a one-w…