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#303 - Checking in on the 2016 Resolutions

Motto: the word "Pizzazz" has never been played in a game of Scrabble

2016 was an interesting year. That's usually a codeword for "bad", and in this case... it's not. I'm very in-tune with how my life is and how's been... and for ME, things are going pretty well. I'm happy. Healthy. Strong. In a good spot in my relationship. In good with friends and family (although there's always room for improvement on those last areas).

Even thought the year isn't over, I'm going to go ahead and do my wrap-up of the "Year of 12 Resolutions", which is what I did instead of 12 individual 30-Day Challenges. 

Weigh 240 lbs Bench 240 lbsSquat 315 lbsDeadlift 345 lbsIncorporate 3 mile runs into my regular workout routineImprove my average macro ratio over previous yearsAverage an 80% success rate for Life TrackingSlowly build savings by spending lessTravel out of the contiguous 48 statesRead 12 booksTrend towards a phone screen-on-time of 1 hour…