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#131 - Save the Date Video

Motto: In Two Weeks, Someone Will Make a New Year's Resolution Joke with the Punchline "1920x1080"
I wrote one post in the past month. If you asked why that is, I honestly wouldn't know what to tell you. I moved the Column down my priority list.
What I DID do instead?

Made this, for one:

That video took forever to put together. Worth it.
I've done several other things:
Saw family. Saw friends. Shopped for Christmas stuff. Watched a couple of movies. Started rewatching a couple of old TV favorites. Played Battlefield. Worked. Worked out, like 3 times.
I kept busy.
I might go back to updating this every once in a while I suppose.

Top 5: Words I Usually Mispronounce 5. Turn (Churn)
4. Horror (use your imagination)
3. Anything that starts with a "G" or a "K", apparently.
2. Sure (Shore)
1. Poop (apparently I say this word funny somehow)

“It's not your fault you're from Lebo”
- Melissa, when I asked her for help thinking of words I mispronounce -