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#286 - Meet Me in St. Louis

Motto: What's Left to Write? (this is a very similar pun to the one I made 4 Columns ago, sorry)

I'm writing this from a hotel in St. Louis. Melissa and I are here for the weekend for the 2016 Regional American Music Therapy Conference and as an excuse to sit around all day an avoid responsibilities (fun game: guess which one of us is here for what!). We plan on seeing the sites (sights?), enjoying nice meals, and, in celebration of the start of our re-watch of Parks and Recreation: treating yo self.

That introductory paragraph was the only thing I wrote in St. Louis. I'm already back home. In the time it took you to look at that picture and move onto this sentence, I went to the St. Louis Museum, St. Louis Zoo, the mall, fell asleep, and drove 4 hours back home. I'm quick.

One of the main things I wanted to write about today was my 12 New Year's Resolutions (which, you may remember, are what I'm doing instead of 30 Day Challenges for this year).

By the end of th…

#285 - Batman Vs Superman Vs the Trailers

Motto: :-(

21 hours ago I walked into a theater to watch one of the most anticipated movies... ever. The levels of hype varied from source to source - but all were looking forward to seeing it. 

I was going to write a big long review of Batman V Superman, but honestly, there are so many reviews all over the internet that I couldn't possibly contribute anything new to the conversation. Instead, I'm mostly going to focus on the trailers, then have a Top 5 disappointing things & Top 5 not disappointing things.

The following video will contain all the spoilers for Batman vs. Superman:

That's the 2nd trailer Warner Bros released for Batman V Supes. It's essentially a 3 minute version of the entire movie, presented basically in the order in which it happened, missing only small amounts of action one, arguably two plot points.

While we are talking about trailers getting people excited at the expense of them enjoying the movie later on...

Here's the 3rd trailer they released…