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#289 - Another Set of Brief Selections from My Moleskine

Motto: I Write for Posterity

Three posts in three days! I'm on a roll... possibly because I'm out of my routine so fully that writing has supplanted otherwise healthy tasks like cleaning and/or exercising. Note this post is crazy-long, but hopefully more entertaining than usual. I had a good time writing it.

This post is a part deux. Part un happened on 11/11/2014 in Post #219

I have had a Moleskine notebook for over 3 years that I've written in here or there. I started looking through it tonight and realized what I've written in there is 7 to 7.128 times better than the stuff I write on here... and my first post a year a half ago didn't cover hardly any of it. WITHOUT FURTHER DUDES, LET'S BEGIN!

Every word in this sentence is English.
Every word on the next line is English.
English English English English English


(written inside of a trace of my left hand)
I am Jack's left hand. I don't do anything as well as my showoff brother.


#288 - Everything is Awesome

Motto: and now, for something completely different!

My wife's name is Melissa. She and I met 6 3/4 years ago at KU in training for our new job. I was fairly recently single at that point, and pretty excited by the prospect of meeting some new girl I'd be working with and the two of us would start dating. It was just a dumb thought I had on my way down to the lobby. I remember thinking it, then immediately dismissing the idea as a wishful daydream.

Only, there was someone. Several months later, we were dating. Several years later, we were engaged. On May 3rd, 2014, we were married. 

That was two years ago. I heard my whole life that you were supposed to get cold feet just before the wedding. I heard that things change, after you're married. I never got cold feet. And, although things did change, the only got better; so those cold feet were not necessary. We've spent the past two years together, and they have been incredible. When it comes to setting up the rest of your lif…

#287 - Re: LAX (don't do it)

Motto: This post started so positive, then went down in flames

I wrote the majority of this post a week ago, but then lost internet connectivity and had to put it on the back burner. I have other stuff to write about, but don't want to make this longer. So, here's one and I'll turn out another one about my 2 Year Anniversary and Breakout KC and Captain America: Civil War here shortly.

I went to LA for work. It was good for work purposes, but also a great time. Helps when you enjoy being around the people you work with. It also helps when the weather is fantastic.

Before that was a fishing trip with some high school buddies. I don't fish very often, but I'd say I fish often enough. I don't see old friends very often, and I'd say that's not often enough.

When I was a kid, in kindergarten or first grade, our teacher had us fill out this sheet of paper with a list of things we wanted to do when we got older. She told as at the time not to write down "profe…