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#368 - Feature: Whole30 Review

Motto: You can probably just stop reading here, too.

Today is day 30 of our Whole30.

If you don't know about Whole30, it can be summarized pretty simply as a (fad) elimination diet in which you do not consume added sugars, grains, dairy, and legumes for a full 30 days. The idea being foods from these groups may be affecting your health in your day-to-day life, and you may not even realize it. By removing these items for 30 days your body can get used to not having them and you can see how that feels. Then you may begin re-introducing foods from these categories slowly, to see how those foods affect you.

The sales pitch for the diet says it may help with:
Cutting cravingsConsistently high energy levels Better sleepBetter focusBeing "strangely happy" (their words, not mine)Potentially abating symptoms of all sorts of medical conditions (allergies, headaches, joint pains, GI troubles, and lots of other stuff)Whole30 is like a 30 Day Cleanse, except instead of eating only green…

#367 - Short Book Review: Broken Angels

Motto: You can probably just stop reading.

This post is not for anyone. I wanted to write it, though. TL;DR - I read two books, one was good, one was not. Also - you should look to see if your local library has an app that you can get audiobooks from. Ours uses an app called Axis 360, and since I've discovered that my reading has skyrocketed. It's really really great. 

I recently read Broken Angels by Richard K. Morgan, the sequel to his first novel Altered Carbon. This Column is a review of that book... spoiler free-ish until the bold warning line. The Top 5 and quote are spoiler-free.

I came to it by way of watching the Netflix series Altered Carbon. It opened my eyes to strong scifi, which I didn't know I liked. I've always been a fan of superhero stuff, which in a way is science fiction; but I've never been more than a casual fan of Star Wars, and I find Star Trek pretty unapproachable on the whole. 

Altered Carbon introduces a couple of pieces of new technology, a…