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#325 - Loops

Motto: Round and Round We Go
Imagine life without it. It would be chaos. Everyone has routines they go through every day. You do the same things in the same ways. Try putting your pants on starting with your off-leg and you'll see what I mean. It feels weird. 
We have little routines. We have big ones. Our big routines are made up of little ones. Butting routines together forms a loop. These loops exist at different levels, too. You loop your mornings, your afternoons, your evenings. You loop your days. You loop your weeks. On a long enough timeline, your months and years take on similar characteristics. 
You wake up. You prep for work. You commute. You manage tasks and email until lunch. You eat. You manage tasks and email until it's time to leave. You commute. You do a hobby. You cook food. You eat. You entertain yourself. You sleep. Loop.
You work. You work. You work. You work. You work. You engage in social activities. You gather and organize and prepare for the week. …

#324 - Annoying to Read #2


#323 - Remembered Stuff I Forgot

Motto: I Forgot to Remember

Last time I wrote about stuff I had been putting on the back burner for a while. I forgot this stuff.

I wonder if we will ever reach a point where we fully understand how the human body works. Will we ever know what each little synapse in the brain is doing when it fires off. Will that discovery be succeeded by a discovery allowing us to shape the brain after birth to correct defects in the brain and body? Will we learn how to turn off the dopamine hits that are associated with damaging things? Would we be able to reprogram the brain to really and truly enjoy doing stuff that is beneficial to the individual, humanity, and the world? Will we be able to link together in a way that is more meaningful than the means achievable through conversation. Can we abstract consciousness away from the human body? Could we ship that consciousness throughout the universe on miniature space probes? Will we discover a way of living that is objecti…

#322 - Fixing Sports, Definitions, Pictures

Motto: DC, KC, ABQ, and stuff

Part of the reason I don't write "Features" all that much anymore is that they take me a LONG time, and they push out other things I'd normally write about. I have an MCU update coming sometime.

Also, I've just been too busy for Aaron Projects. I'm writing this after retroactively filling out two full weeks of "Life Tracker" data. You might wonder "How good is that data if he's filling it out after two weeks?". The answer is: not much. I basically just look at my photo reel and try to piece together what I did each day. Thankfully I take a video every day, so I can at least remember one bit, usually.

Alright - here's some stuff I wrote down to write on here...

- Two 10 minute halves
- Each team gets two 30 second time outs (per game)
- Shot clock is 30 seconds
- Fouls NEVER give an advantage to the fouling team
- More clearly defined rules for blocking/charging fouls
- More clearl…