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#305 - Sketch Comedy

Motto: I Guess Ryan Gosling is Okay

This year I am back to my 30 Day Challenges. They bring a variety to life that I quite enjoy. I missed the feeling that the next 30 days might have some lasting impact, might reveal some hobby or trend that you wouldn't know you'd like, or might just be made slightly more interesting. Truthfully I don't know what I'd be doing if I wasn't always trying to better myself in some way. I feel like I'd just immediately get fat and give up on everything. The end of the year last year I fell off the horse... mostly due to an injury. But its lasting impact was the realization that, after 30+ days of not exercising, you sorta feel crappy all the time.

So I lifted weights earlier (a lot earlier, this post was several weeks in the making) in my home gym. Which is awesome. Even more awesome once I finish it. Flooring. Walls. Maybe paint up the unfinished ceiling. Could make for a cool (if a bit expensive) 30 Day Challenge, actually.


#304 - 2017 is a Prime Number

Motto: New Year, Same General Idea

There's not much time to write this. My laptop is dying. It's already fairly late.

Last year my resolution was to run 12 "challenges" concurrently. Eventually 30 Day Challenges sounded much better than the same 12 things I was trying (and mostly failing) to do. This year I'll be going back to the 30 Day Challenge thing. Otherwise, I don't have any specific resolutions. The ones I've been thinking of generally fall under the following 4 C's:


Control - I want to assert better control over everything in life. Money. Time. Energy.
Comfort - I want less of it. Cause that's how you grow.
Competency - in everything I want to be good at. Intentionally.
Captain - be more like Captain America.

That's really the only one that matters.


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