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#335 - Straight from My Notes - also Jessica Jones Season 2

Motto: The Adventure Begins...

Here's some notes-to-self from my Google Keep that I originally wrote with the intention of exploring at a greater length on here, but given that I write about this sort of crap all the time, I'm just going to write them verbatim from my notes:

Always explore. Always try new things.

Happiness is not that hard.
Happiness follows healthiness. You feel healthy when you're exercising regularly, brushing your teeth, cooking nutritious meals and eating them, sleeping enough, and working on creating projects that hone talents and stimulate the brain.
Happiness also follows a sense of control. You don't feel in control when you're giving into your "immediate gratification" impulses. 

Splitting your attention between things is a fleeting contentment that ultimately givesway to a sense of existential dread. It's always better to be fully into doing one thing than to be halfway doing two things.

--- Okay that's done. Next up.

I just f…

#334 - Bitcoin is weird, Android Coding Update, and Black Panther

Motto: Dirigibles and Didgeridoos have Nothing in Common Other than They are both Plural Nouns and Long, Funny "D" Words
Bitcoin is weird. I assume anyone who's reading this is at least aware of Bitcoin as a thing, so I'm not going to explain what it is. I have no Bitcoin. I never bought in. The whole concept is... it's just insane to me. It's like a stock for a company that never existed, never made anything, that can pay no dividends. I mean, stocks as a whole barely make sense to me - but this is a whole new level of WHAT? 
From my admittedly limited understanding, you "mine" Bitcoin by telling your computer to do some crazy math. Your computer does that math and spits out a new Bitcoin. As time goes on the math gets harder to accomplish and thus Bitcoin become harder to produce. 
Meanwhile, everyone who has any Bitcoin at all has their name on this ledger that says "Jack has 2 Bitcoin, Jill has 3". If Jack wants to give Jill Bitcoin to …