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#300 - Short & Sweet


I've written 300 of these. That's a round number which seems significant. It's not, though. If humans had 12 fingers instead of 10, I'd likely be telling you this is post number "12C".

That's a hexidecimal joke. Base 16, y'all.

It's glorious outside right now. I'm probably going to go on a bike ride soon to take advantage of this wonderful fall weather.

Pokemon Go is dying. I feel like conscious choices made by the developers of the application are to blame for their drop in player numbers. I still play, but likely will quit once show starts falling unless Niantic changes their minds about things.

Today it occurred to me that, while I've taken a TON of data on myself by way of the Life Tracker, I had never really done any correlations between anything other than day of week, month of year, and against a simple list of day tags. Never before had I stopped to think "how does my sleep correlate to my eating?" See th…

#299 - Homegym + Andromeda + Luke Cage

Motto: Upon this rock, I will build my church.

If the motto is sacrilegious, I apologize. I'm not referencing Matthew 16:18, I'm referencing Ultron. Ultron intended to use Vibranium to carry out his Sokovian meteor to end all mankind, I intend to use my new homegym setup to carry out my plan to become gigantic. This is my rock:

It's not done yet, but it's done enough that I just completed a full-blown workout on it. Squats.
Overhead Press.
Lateral raises.

I did those things in my own basement yesterday. Today I am sore from a homegym exercise. These are exciting things.

Speaking of exciting - Google's big hardware announcement is tomorrow. They are unveiling the next generation of "Nexus" phone, which will take on a new branding. That I'm not so excited about - but they're going to do OTHER things which I am excited about. Google Home, for instance.

Most importantly of all, it's rumored that they will tease "Andromeda" - the lo…