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#98 - Further Down the River

Motto: Float On

This weekend was Nick's bachelor party.
When I say "bachelor party", what immediately comes to mind?
None of that stuff happened. Which I'm glad for. I'm much more comfortable not doing all that stuff. We went on a 42 mile float trip down the Current river. It was a ton of fun. It was very relaxing. Very not relaxing. Very cold. Very hot. It was a great weekend, and I need to do things like it more often. Both in terms of the content of the trip and the being with people who went on it.
Originally, I was going to compile a highlight video.
Instead I'll submit to you this picture of (almost) everyone who went.

I just now noticed there are between 4 and 5 people giving thumbs up in this picture, even though we couldn't see each other doing it (it was absolutely pitch black in there when we were taking this photo).

I'm going to keep this really short, cause I'm already tired.

Really short.

Top 5: Best Moments from the Float Trip 5.…

#97 - Feature: Taxonomy of Human Attractiveness

Motto: This Column is Handsome, but Not Hot

Human beings are beautiful - this is something the Greeks knew and appreciated long before any of us were ever around. Unfortunately I feel like it has become almost a taboo subject. Like, to talk about human beauty is to make the listener feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about their perceived imperfections.
But you are perfect. You may not be perfect in exactly the way you think you should be thanks to movies, magazines, and models; but you are perfect. You are the human, and the human body is a beautiful and amazing thing.
Now, to completely counteract everything I just said, I'm going to talk about my theory on the four facets of human attractiveness.

This will be a bit long, but hopefully entertaining enough to justify it. Just as a FYI right now, I have sources and a disclaimer at the bottom of the post (above the Top 5).
To say someone is "attractive" is a very general statement. How would you describe their attractiveness…

#96 - Feature: Intelligence

Motto: Knowledge is Power!
Today's post is an article on acumen and aptitude. A blurb on brains and brilliance. A commentary on capacity and comprehension. A discourse on discernment and deciphering. An item on intelligence and intellect. A piece on perception and precocity. A story on smarts and savvy. A write-up on wit and wisdom. I am approaching the subject of intelligence not only because it's an important general life topic but also because I want to challenge myself to write with humility - for I am a humble man. Before I write about intelligence, I think I must share this with you as a disclaimer: I am smart. And it turns out I'm not actually humble. Based off a lifetime of experience and achievement, based off mountains of observation and self-reflections, based off third-party testimonials and reviews, based off accomplishments and awards, I feel as though I can safely say that I meet the minimum intelligence threshold to be considered "smart" by th…

#95 - Basketball Tournament & Royals Games

Motto: Take Me Out to of the Ballgame

I'm writing this post in lieu of going out to play laser tag.
I know what you're thinking, "Aaron, that's not very 'Yes Man' of you." Alternatively "why would anyone skip out on laser tag ever?!" And both thoughts are equally valid. 
I took part in a VERY SHORT NOTICE basketball tournament this weekend. I asked AJ what he was doing this weekend, he said something to the affect of "Leaving for a basketball tournament in 10 minutes, want to go?"
I went.
On the way there AJ said it was a bunch of guys who used to play basketball in college. I didn't know this fact when I signed on board. When I walked into the gymnasium and saw our competition, I wanted to leave immediately. They were big. They were fast. They were naturals.
It was terrifying.
We played our first game and managed to squeak out a win by one.
Then we played the guys who won the game I saw when I first walked in. I had a bit of a sinking…

#94 - Feature: Path of Least Resistance

Motto: Facts are Overrated Anyway

For over a week I've had two Feature Posts half-written. One of them is about intelligence, the other is about tools. Today's post was written for one, then transferred to the other, then I decided it was long enough to warrant a feature post of its own. So, without further ado...
Technology is amazing and nobody appreciates it enough.
Every system in the world runs in the same way: a source of high potential energy runs through an extremely complex path of least resistance on its way to a place of lower potential energy. In engineering this path, humans have figured out how to make everyone into quasi-superheroes. We can see what our friends saw a year ago. We can hear them speak from across the country. We can access an awe-inspiring network of answers and functions known as the internet.
Right now my earphones are getting power from my phone, which is getting power from my computer, which is getting power from my wall, which is getting power fr…

#93 - Cousin Week

Motto: Too Much of a Good Thing is a Great Thing
Fact: I Already Don't like Color Changes and Addition of the "Fact of the Update".
You may have noticed that it's been a while since my last update. There's a really great reason for that; last Sunday my cousin Joe came up to stay with me for the week while he took some preparatory classes for his medical internship this summer.
It has been an awesome and somewhat crazy week. We have had a fortnight's amount of fun in half the time.
His brother Jon came up Thursday night. Since that time we've had a week's worth of fun in 3 days.
I have a metric buttload of stories from the week, and an equal amount of videos. Rather than write at length about everything we did - I'll just show you:

That's just what I filmed. I didn't really have the intention to make that video until after I realized just how much footage I had. I showed less than 1/50th of the videogame playing footage I took.
I've determine…