#13 - and he said "Yes" and it was good.

Motto: Three days in...

I have been taking this "Yes" thing more seriously than I expected. So far I haven't turned down an opportunity, invitation, or suggestion. I have regretted nothing (well, after it was done I didn't regret it). I still have done relatively little, in retrospect, but I have said "yes" when I would otherwise have said "no" at least once a day. Resulting in a lot more pictures and videos in the past three days than usual... because I've done a lot more than usual. That's not saying much.

The Engineering Binder (my long-term project of summarizing everything I learned in engineering school) is now a glorious 44 page word document. 22 of those pages are actually full of content... the others are skeleton pages, table of contents, cover page, etc. I worked on it for 6 hours yesterday. Had a great time doing so.

I've been using Evernote a lot. I really like it; which is funny, cause I used to loathe it. It is my new quotepad. It is my companion for the Engineering Binder. "Tags" as a file structure... I get it now! I wish my computer could be organized that way. I don't wish enough to see if it's possible, though.

Life is good.

Going to Indiana in 2 days.

Life is good.

Top 5: Things I've learned since starting this whole "yes" thing... picture edition
5. I actually could do the down and back with the tire (even three sets!)

4. I can enjoy healthy(ish) meals!

3. I am capable of basic cooking (the previous sandwich I had supervision for, this one I made solo)

2. I do enjoy reading, if the book is right.

1. I can do a frontflip into a pool... sorta.

I have ordered one. I'm going to experience the magnificent power of steam cleaning. I will let you know how I get on once it arrives. Hopefully it will be both brilliantly simple and simply brilliant."
     - Danny Wallace, author of 'Yes Man' -


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